Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Go me!

There was a design/copy editor
so sharp, hardly anything fretted her.
Her demeanor was placid,
but her wit could be acid,
and she pounced on mistakes like a predator.

Please excuse my little triumph song; I had a successful first week at my job! I'm back full-time in the newspaper world. I'm learning how this company's software works at a reasonable pace, and one guy says I'm learning quicker than he expected. Already, though, I've hit the ground running as a proofreader, catching a number of mistakes by others before their pages hit the press. I've also been complimented on my headline-writing ability.
I'll still continue with freelance work on the side. Also, following this first, busy whirlwind, I'm planning to keep posting here at least once a week. Cheers!

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